Laser-Sound-iUM 360°

Lazer-Sound-ium 360°
Full-Dome Live Planetarium Shows. Do not feel constrained, just select the perfect show for your audience. The most perfect idea and, more importantly, the close sensation of Cosmos, which can only give refraction of a coherent laser beam through an inhomogeneous optical medium. After the intuition of Lux Aeterna laser artists is added to all this, even the most refined and spoiled audience will have a complete illusion of a galactic belief.
Weaved by human hands a miracle of technological breakthrough. A series of fantastic laser shows at the Lux Aeterna Planetarium Theatre. Here music gets to be painted as never before. Withal music inspires its laser depicting artists and entertains its fans-spectators.
 laser-sound-ium 360
Lazer-Sound-ium 360° – Lux Aeterna Under Cupola-360 Entertainment.
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Laser rays mercilessly cut, shred indivisible space of the night which has reigned inside the planetarium. Thousands of light shards are grouped around the Milky Way and quietly rolling on our heads like silver coins from the story of Hodja Nasreddin.
Moon, Sun, known and unknown planets with unprecedented audacity are changing colors, melting, and then smoothly flowing in the Universe… Here they are – laser musical chords grouped in a 3,600-seconds avant-garde action – dissolving before our eyes on a dome in million years of the history of civilizations…

Lux Aeterna Rear-Screen Theatre Productions since 1982.
Lux Aeterna Planetarium Theatre Productions since 2002

Lux Aeterna Planetarium Theatre Under Cupola Entertainment Division.